Villa Kronic

Villa Kronic (The town of Sombor, 30 Conopljanski Road) with its architecture and entire interior has the authentic signature of Sombor. The facility is situated next to two old farmhouses, a football pitch, tennis courts and other sports fields. The destination is perfect for both modern generation as well as the old and traditional.
The capacity of our guest house is 21 room with 50 beds. Our guests can have their family gatherings, seminars, presentations and sports camps.
Our restaurant has the capacity of 150 places for guests. We can provide additional seating area on our vast rain protected terrace.

Villa Kronic is 3 kilometers away from the town center, cozily embedded in the southwest of Backa flat far away from the crowds.

The town of Sombor is located in the southwest part of Serbia and Vojvodina near the Hungarian and Croatian borders.174 kilometers southwest of Belgrade, 99 kilometers away from Novi Sad, 59 kilometers from Subotica.
Sombor is neatly connected with local and international roads. It is connected to Belgrade – Budapest highway in the east (corridor 10) and with the great river of the Danube in the west (corridor 7). Connection to Croatia is via border crossing Bezdan and Bogojevo in the west (distance 32km) and in the north, it is connected to Hungary via the Backi Breg border crossing (distance 29km). Villa Kronic is 83 kilometers away from Horgos border crossing.

Rooms - sobe


The capacity of our guest house is 21 room with 50 beds. There are 10 three bedded rooms, 10 two bedded rooms and suite for the newlyweds.


The restaurant which has a capacity of 150 people has a contemporary design and it is ideally suited for various kinds of celebrations. We have a summer garden where we can accommodate additional guests. We have many years of experience in organizing various events: family reunions, seminars, presentations etc.

Wedding venue

Wedding is the most special day in the lives of two people who have decided to spend their lives together. This is the day when everything has to be perfect for our loved ones, family and friends. Put your trust in our team and let us make your wedding day magical.

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